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Charioteer Helmet
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Product Detail

Product Name:Charioteer Helmet

SKU: AH6087B


  • A replica of this helmet was made famous by the female charioteer in the movie Gladiator.
  • hand made 18 gauge brass, round top, visor-less helmet, with rivet reinforcement
  • single black horse hair tassel in a conical brass base
  • mildly curved back for neck protection
  • sides of the helmet are rigid and stiff, while the face is left fully exposed and open.


This stunning replica based on the film Gladiator, features a highly polished rounded riveted brass helmet with a conical based black horse hair tassel

Historical Period

Origins of gladiators and the gladiator games are still in question. In the late 1st century BC, Nicolaus of Damascus believed they were Etruscan. A generation later, Livy wrote that they were first held in 310 BC by the Campanians in celebration of their victory over the Samnite.


the female charioteer in the movie Gladiator