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Product Detail

Product Name:Centurion-Belt

SKU: AH3847


  • Roman Centurion Belt
  • Solid embossed brass fittings, period buckle
  • Natural leather belt
  • Fits 34 - 40 Inch Waist


Roman Centurion Belt with Solid brass fittings on a natural leather belt. Fits 34 - 40 Inch Waist. This belt is made from brown leather and wraps around the waist, using a buckle closure to remain tight and fitted. The buckle is made of cast brass and features an impressively stylized design, while the belt itself features additional cast brass plates along its length as additional decoration.

Historical Period

1 st century AD


modeled after the belt worn by one such centurion, named Facilis, who served in the XX legion during the middle of the first century