Breast Plate Templar

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Breast Plate Templar
SKU: AH4373
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Product Detail

Product Name:Breast Plate Templar

SKU: AH4373


  • 18 gauge steel
  • design of the Templar Cross on the front of the armor
  • Fits up to a 46" chest
  • heavy leather straps for wearability


This breastplate in particular is made entirely in 18 gauge steel, and it features ornate little touches of engravings across the chest to enhance its overall design. A single etched line curves along the edges of the breastplate, while the center is emblazoned with the faint image of a Templar Cross, whose shape is visible thanks to the etched lines across the breastplates core. The breastplate comes complete with leather straps, which are perfect for securing it onto your core. The breastplate is offered in one size, and given the 18 gauge stainless steel construction, the edges of the plate can be gently bent to help it accommodate almost any size.

Historical Period

16th centurty


16th century Spanish breast plate armor