Bell Armour

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Bell Armour
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Product Name: Bell Armour
SKU: AH6096N
UPC: 6805960723624

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  • Chest and back plates made of brass
  • Stylized musculature
  • Front and back are held together with two adjustable buckled leather straps on each side


The muscle cuirass is one of the most recognizable pieces of Greek and early Roman armor. The later muscle cuirass was closely modeled to the musculature of the body, as opposed to earlier more abstract versions like this one.

This bell cuirass is sized to fit most anyone. Made of brass, it has the distinctive flare at the waistline that allows for freedom of movement at the waist and upper thigh. This flare is typical of many types of armor that were in use centuries later, though this model is actually of an ancient Greek design.

The additional flare at the neckline is less common in later armor styles; it provides neck protection without restricting movement. This might be considered a very early prototype for what in later centuries was a separate piece, a gorget.

The chest and back plates are held together with two buckled leather straps on each side, making the whole unit quite adjustable in size.

Historical Period

Greece, circa 600 BCE


This example of the early Greek bell armour is in the Museo Arqueologico Nacional, the National Archaeological Muesum, in Madrid, Spain. It has been dated to between 620 and 580 BCE.

Early Greek Bell Curiass in Bronze, 620–580 BC