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SKU: A - AH3535
B - AH3513M
C - AH3510M
D - AH3511
E - AH3508
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Product Detail

Product Name:
A - Bardiche (Pole 42")
B - Halberd - Broad (Pole 72”)
C - Lochaber Pole Axe (Pole 42”)
D - Fauchard (Pole 42”)
E - Battle Bardiche (Pole 42”)

A - AH3535
B - AH3513M
C - AH3510M
D - AH3511
E - AH3508



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  • Pole weapon blades are hand forged carbon steel
  • Poles are of hardwood and are 42" or 72" depending on model


Halberds were regarded as effective weapons because the combine the reach and stabbing point of a spear with the heavy chopping versatility of an axe. This makes the halberd an extremely effective weapon.

A - This bardiche is simply constructed, giving it a look fit for virtually any foot soldier. The angular blade swells towards the center before tapering back down to an effective point at the tip. The blade is mounted to the pole via a socket at the cap and a surface-mount along the shaft. The bardiche's head is crafted from carbon steel and it measures approximately 22.5 inches long, while the hardwood haft measures 42 inches long.

B - This halberd demonstrates the rugged effectiveness of the halberd that a typical foot soldier would have favored. The pole arm's head features a broad, cleaving blade, similar to an axe, mounted with an angular spear-tip at the top. A small hook protrusion on the back of the blade ensures that a hard reverse swing can hook foes and pull them in, penetrate armor, or even take riders off their mounts with shocking ease. The head of this halberd is approximately 26 inches long, the hardwood shaft measures approximately 72 inches long.

C - The blade of this Lochaber Pole Axe possesses a wide, cleaving head. The flat edge of the axe lends crushing force to every blow, which helps drive the blade deeper when swung, while it also comes to a sharp point, ensuring that it can deliver a good thrust as well as a good hack. The back of the blade features a curved metal hook, while the back of the axe's mount also features a mounted spike for penetrating armor. The axe's head is crafted from carbon steel and measures approximately 20 inches long, the hardwood shaft is approximately 42 inches long.

D - The blade of this Fauchard tapers to a pointed tip, making this an effective thrusting weapon. Featured on the back of the blade is a curled thrusting hook. Two small wing-like spikes extend out from the base of the blade. The fauchard's head measures approximately 30.5 inches long, while the included hardwood shaft measures approximately 42 inches long.

E - This bardiche features a broad, curved cleaving head mounted on a short haft. This blade is mounted to its haft via a socket and a side-mount. The head of this bardiche is 24.75 inches long, while the hardwood haft measures approximately 42 inches long.

Historical Period

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Original Culloden targe in the Royal Armouries Museum

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A similar targe is on display at the National Museum of Scotland.