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Product Detail

Product Name:Aux-Infantry-E



  • E type auxiliary infantry helmet
  • highly polished steel and brass
  • handmade from steel with brass detailing
  • approx. 5 lbs.
  • 22 to 23 Inch Circumference
  • large hinged cheek flaps concealing the ears and facial areas
  • rounded crown set with two ridges across the top for added strength and deflectivity
  • brass front visor and brow band
  • somewhat downward sloping neck guard


This style of helmet was worn by Roman Auxiliary troops, of non-citizen soldiers of the Roman Empire. This helmet is from an earlier Roman era. The helmet has a rounded crown with two ridges across the top for add strength and deflective ability. The front features a brass visor and brow band. The back of the helmet extends down with a neck guard. The cheek flaps on this helm are considerably larger than normal, offering increased protection while covering the ears and concealing much of the face. This helmet is made from quality metals and features an attractive polished, steel and brass.

Historical Period

150 - 200AD


helmet was found at Heddernheim near Frankfurt/Germany.