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Celtic Helmet IInd
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Product Name: Celtic Helmet IInd

SKU: AH6100


  • Inspired from the collection at Royal Armouries in The Tower of London.
  • Helmet is made of mild steel
  • Rounded topknot and hinged cheek plates


Early Celtic helmets are generally characterized by a conical or round shape with a protruding neck guard as well as cheek plates to protect the sides of the head.

Note that the classifications are those used by archaeologists, rather than Celts or Romans, who, if they did distinguish among these types, have left no known record of the terms they used.

Historical Period

The Roman empire began expanding to the North around 540 BCE. As they did so, they encountered many hostile tribes and groups, resulting in battles over much of Europe during the following centuries.

As a result, there are many archaeological sites which provide valuable information on both Roman culture and that of the people they encountered.


This helmet is based on surviving examples, which have been dated to approximately the second century AD.