AH6099 Republican Celtic Helmet(Forêt de Rouvray)

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Republican Celtic Helmet(Forêt de Rouvray)
SKU: AH6099
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Product Detail

Product Name: Republican Celtic Helmet(Forêt de Rouvray)

SKU: AH6099


  • Mild steel helmet features hinged cheek plates and topknot
  • Comes with a padded arming cap


This helmet features the typical conical Celtic shape, with hinged cheek plates and a smoothly rounded topknot.

The helmet is made of mild steel, and it sized to fit the average adult head. It comes with a padded liner.

Historical Period

The Roman empire began expanding to the North around 540 BCE. As they did so, they encountered many hostile tribes and groups, resulting in battles over much of Europe during the following centuries.

As a result, there are many archaeological sites which provide valuable information on both Roman culture and that of the people they encountered.


This helmet is based on examples found in the Forêt de Rouvray, an immense forest that once reached from west of Paris into Normandy and Rouen. The original helmets have been dated to roughly 100 BCE.