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Leather Musculata
SKU: AH6071L
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Product Detail

Product Name:Leather Musculata

SKU: AH6071L

A leather Musculata done in a classic Muscle Cuirass style with leather straps


  • brown leather muscle cuirass, 2 parts of armour (breast plate and back plate)
  • Adjustable leather straps allow a chest size of up to 50”
  • Total weight approx. 2 kgs./4.4 lbs.
  • chest sizes up to 46"
  • waist lines up to 42"
  • up to 2” openings under the arms.


Copy of a Greek muscle armour in original size.This style of armour was used in Greece, several were found in warriors' graves, so we know pretty well how they looked and how they were made.Our reproduction is based on the 2 parts of armour (breast plate and back plate) found at such a grave site. It is handcrafted from brown cowhide. Total weight abt. 2 kgs./4.4 lbs.

It fits chest sizes up to 46", and waist lines up to 42".Adjustable leather straps allow a chest size of up to 50”, leaving up to 2” openings under the arms.

Historical Period

In classical antiquity, the muscle cuirass or heroic cuirass is a type of body armor cast to fit the wearer's torso and designed to mimic an idealized human physique. It first appears in late Archaic Greece and became widespread throughout the 5th and 4th centuries BC. It is commonly depicted in Greek and Roman art, where it is worn by generals, emperors, and deities during periods when soldiers used other types.


In Roman sculpture, the muscle cuirass is often highly ornamented with mythological scenes. Archaeological finds of relatively unadorned cuirasses, as well as their depiction by artists in military scenes, indicate that simpler versions were worn in combat situations. The anatomy of muscle cuirasses intended for use might be either realistic or reduced to an abstract design; the fantastically illustrated cuirasses worn by gods and emperors in Roman statues usually incorporate realistic nipples and the navel within the scene depicted.