AH6053N Imperial Gallic ‘H’

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Imperial Gallic ‘H’
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Product Detail

Product Name:Imperial Gallic ‘H’(Augsburg)



  • slightly more sloping neck guard than the 'G'
  • brow detail also varied from the 'G'
  • Front to Back: 8 1/2", Side to Side: 7 1/2", 25 1/2" Around, Weight 3lb 1oz
  • 18 gauge steel with brass elements
  • crest/plume attachment points


"Imperial-Gallic” helms are based on the type of helmet used by the Gaul’s. These were more decorated than earlier varieties with embossed “eyebrows”, had a re-enforced peak and a ridged extension at the back as a neck-guard. The crest holder consisted of a right-angled foot that slid into a tube on the crown of the helmet, although some versions found also have additional decorative plume holders at the ends of the peak. The H has a more sloped neckgard and slightly different eyebrow ridges. The Roman Gallic H Helmet is made of carbon steel with brass accents and crest attachment points.

Historical Period

late 1st century BC through to the early 2nd century AD.


original helmet was found in the river Rhine near Weisenau. "Imperial-Gallic” helms are based on the type of helmet used by the Gaul’s.