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Greek Sword
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Product Detail

Product Name:Greek Sword

SKU: AH4212


  • carbon steel blade with raised center rib, curving toward to tip to for a somewhat rounded point
  • subtle convex brass hilt
  • round threaded pommel with simple T bar guard
  • leather covered wood scabbard appointed with brass throat and a lion's head tip


traditional Hoplite sword, hand forged 18 gauge EN45 steel, with central rib and unsharpened blade, brass hilt, with threaded pommel, and simple T-bar guard. Leather covered wooden scabbard with brass fittings.

Historical Period

The Xiphos Greek:το) ξίφος) is a double-edged, leaf shaped, single-hand sword used by the ancient Greeks. This type of leaf-shaped short sword was not limited to Greece, but can be found throughout Europe in the late Bronze Age under various names. It is generally thought that iron swords had replaced bronze swords by the early La Tène culture 500BC


A piece of pottery featuring Actaeon holding a xiphos.