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Villonovan Brass Shield
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Product Detail

Product Name:Villonovan Brass Shield

SKU: AH3990

etched round brass shield of a hoplon style


  • circular hand crafted polished brass embossed shield
  • Modeled after a 7th century B.C ceremonial shield


The Brass Villanovan Shield is a beautiful recreation of ceremonial shield that was dated back to 7th century B.C. of polished brass. It features an array of attractive and impressive embossed designs. At the center of the shield are a series of concentric circles around a narrow boss, as well as a broad gear-shape with concentric circle patterns set between each spoke. Additional circular patterns decorate the outer edges of the shield, as well as dozens of small, embossed dots that create a visually impressive pattern across the surface of the shield.

Historical Period

The Villanovan culture was the earliest Iron Age culture of central and northern Italy, abruptly following the Bronze Age Terramare culture and giving way in the 7th century BC to an increasingly orientalizing culture influenced by Greek traders, which was followed without a severe break by the Etruscan civilization. The Villanovan culture and people branched from the Urnfield culture of Eastern Europe. The Villanovans introduced iron-working to the Italian peninsula;


Etruscan warrior, found near Viterbo, Italy, dated circa 500 BCE.