AH-3981C Grinding Stone

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Grinding Stone (Chakki)
SKU: AH3981C
UPC: 680596064886
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Product Detail

Product Name: Grinding Stone (Chakki)
SKU: AH3981C
UPC: 680596064886


  • round gringing stone
  • wooden handle and center
  • heavy shipping weight of 48 lbs


Traditional hard stone wheels, upper and lower, the wood pin rotates the upper against the lower. Grain is poured in the center. This is a working replica.

Historical Period

Neolithic and Upper Paleolithic people used millstone to grind grains, nuts, rhizomes and other vegetable food products for consumption. These implements are often called grinding stones. They used either saddlestones or rotary querns turned by hand. Such devices were also used to grind pigments and metal ores prior to smelting.


Quern stones in the Whithorn Museum, The Machars, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland