11-12th C. Norman Lion & Griffin Belt

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11-12th C. Norman Lion & Griffin Belt
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Product Detail

Product Name:11-12th C. Norman Lion & Griffin Belt

SKU: AH6787


  • High Quality Natural Leather
  • Buckle Style Belt is Highly Adjustable in Design
  • Tongued Brass Buckle and Chape (tip) with red enameling with Lion & Griffin featured


This brown leather belt has a solid brass buckle and tip, or chape. The buckle features a crowned lion passant (walking) against a red enameled ground; the chape has a griffon against a red enameled ground.

The style of the buckle and length of the belt make the sizing very flexible; it is designed to be long, with the tip hanging down from the buckle in front.

Historical Period

11-12th Century Norman Lion & Griffin Belt


14th century Anglo-Norman manuscript titled De Heraudrie