“La Tene” Sword

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A-“La Tene” Sword
B-“La Tene” Short Sword
C-"Celtic" Long Sword
SKU: A. AH4303
B. AH4303N
C. AH6425N
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Product Detail

Product Name: A-“La Tene” Sword
B-“La Tene” Short Sword
C-"Celtic" Long Sword

SKU: A.AH4303
B. AH4303N
C. AH6425N


  • All blades are handmade of carbon steel
  • A - AH4303 features a plain wooden grip, steel scabbard, and is 38 inches long overall
  • B - AH4303N features a wooden grip with steel rivets, steel scabbard, and is *** inches long overall
  • C - AH6425N features a brass grip, scabbard of leather over wood, and is *** inches long overall


These three swords are all of the same basic shape and era, but quite different in their ornamentation.

AH4303 is thirty-eight inches long overall, with a simple hardwood hilt and steel scabbard.

AH4303N is slightly shorter, and the hilt features steel rivets and detailing. The scabbard is also of steel.

AH6415 is ** inches long. This sword has a brass hilt which has been shaped in the form of a warrior. The scabbard is of leather over wood, and features brass fittings.

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Historical Period

A significant Iron Age site was discovered in 1857 at La Tène, in modern-day Switzerland. The La Tène culture flourished between 450 BCE and 100 CE thoughout most of central Europe.

The people traded widely over their world; artifacts with influences from Greece and Ireland have been found in elite burials.

It is suggested that the culture was driven underground and then subsumed by Roman expansion.


The original excavation in 1857 at La Tène site yielded over 40 swords; in total, 166 have been recovered. These finds inspired the creation of these reproductions.